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  Intimacy for me doesn’t begin when we take off our clothes And it doesn’t begin with parts of you in me It begins when we start to share fragile


          I’ve moved houses twice and each time I expected something much better than what we got. I learned soon enough that my imagination compared to


  Little flowers. These ones that germinate on my skin like it’s fertile soil They seem to be useful somehow But they seem like weeds to me I’ve been pulling

Confession (Pt 2)

Contentment; Repressed urges Realization; Stolen glances Growth; Scared thoughts Feelings; Resurfaced I’m trying not to get stuck in my head Every single time.     After the depression I lost

Women Like Us

I bet they didn’t tell you of us.   Women like us They brought us up right Be submissive, learn, obey Be patient, love, pray Endure, they said And we

All Over Me

I’m carrying around feelings a tad too heavy And half the time I want to scream at the top of my lungs Tell the world, that you’re the best thing


I slept off on my notebook thinking of all the ways I could write about you or I could just say I slept off thinking of you but I think

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