If you love poems and short stories that relate to real life issues or you’re looking for some deep motivation or inspiration? Then I’m your guy!
Searching for a platform that you could connect ? Know you’re definitely not alone, my words are here to comfort you.

This blog is intended for those who like words and good use of them. You may be a writer or not, but my guess is could probably get some sort of inspiration from here. Or just laugh? This is a blog for Readers only ⚠

Why should you read my blog ?
Well, apart from the fact that you would probably enjoy it?
I like to write some of my poems and short stories with important life lessons. Also I write from the deepest part of my heart with passion and love and so my words are dripping just that!
If it is an occurrence in life or a even just possibility I will write about. Rest assured you would relate to am experience here.

This is a startup blog and I’m new in the world of writing but I like to think of myself as growing and although this is my first time blogging I believe that because I write with my feelings and from my heart someone out there would be touched or comforted or even made happy by my words.

I’m currently a university student in Lagos, Nigeria and I began writing about 6 months ago officially. Prior to that I’ve written a lot as a mode of expressing myself and I recently made the decision to put it out there and share with the world. I know how good it feels hearing from someone who can see things from your view.

I love to write (as your probably already know) I love music and if you’re a writer I’m sure you understand that. I love a little solitude time, it gives me time to think and also helps me realize a lot of things.
All together, I’m not your average poet/writer and if you feel you’re different or not regular we probably can flow together.

I hope you enjoy your time reading!

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