Burdens are a small price to pay for acts for carelessness.

I have to admit its hard walking around with a cross on my shoulders when I do not know my destination and I hate the journey. Where do I put this down?

I ask the universe “send me peace”

This is one of those days where I survive only by fighting. I repeat to myself words that can save me but i’m slowly running out of patience. The pit in my stomach has gotten deeper and the rest of my sanity is hanging by a thread.

I’m holding on but tell it to let me go.

Today, the line between having faith and being in denial seem to have blurred. Madness like this is ever so silent and I am drowning in the space it leaves open while it slowly chips away at what’s left of me.

I am now at my wits’ end .

Today, like many others I pit logic against something irrational and I make them fight to the death. Whoever wins, neither ever dies a completely. They resurrect it may seem and once again my peace is short lived.

I am fighting the same battles when a new day dawns.

Look at me. Can you not see my grief ?

Poet amongst other things

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