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I got lost somewhere along the lines of these pages and I haven’t been able to trace my way back but I have found a map that leads only one way and it goes up. I am taking it.

I learned that inspiration will not guide you when you pay it no mind so now I sleep with my paper and pen ready for when it comes knocking.

I have been under the influence of pain and I can’t say I am free from it’s shackles but I have also learned not to fight it. I may have accepted my fate instead.

I realise now that I am bigger than the sea I seem to be sinking in and so it begins.

The day breaks and I, along with it. It tells a story of love and in my imagination I am the writer but in reality I am only a character.

Today will not save me though. No, I will save it. I create and it dances to the music I play. I will find my way.

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