Dear Girl

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You’re unhappy and it shows.

Your pain, frustration, all that brokenness glistens like oil on your skin. You were never the type to cover your hurt with a smile, always brave enough to wear it on your sleeve when it was time.

I mean, you’re only human. Aren’t you?

You came to find that on the nights you needed love the most, needed someone to hold you close, you were lucky enough to find your own damn hands.

Who better?

You learned to understand your pain and embrace it while slowing down that racing mind, letting the anxiety go because how dare it try to break you?

And it scares you but will fear hold you back?

Maybe you cannot heal yourself dear girl. You feel broken and yet know not what broke you. You thinking about shutting the feelings out but you know better, don’t you?

You’ve been there, done that, haven’t you?

You now know not feeling pain means not feeling pleasure. So you balance. Admitting to yourself all your faults, you learn from your mistakes, you grow. Cry when you have to, laugh when you need to.

What more can you do?

In your own warm embrace, holding the pieces of yourself together, you have come to find that although the journey from here may be a long road, coming to terms with reality is starting on the right path.

Isn’t that right Dear Girl?

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