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I look at you and all I can imagine is your pain.

I look at you with eyes free of judgment but filled with understanding, eyes filled with beauty and love. Eyes lit with recognition. I look with a heart full of empathy.

Filled with wonder.

I’ve been thinking of you… and

Do you cry at the dark hours of the night ?

With feelings of regrets for the decisions life may have forced you to take ?

Or do you sleep still, your heart hardened from troubles?

Do you stay up laying still, staring straight at the ceiling, unable to feel ?

Me too.

Behind the façade that is your smile, I see something lurking in the shadows, something that reminds me of mine.

I do not know how, but I can I feel your darkness. Its
in sync with mine.

I want to walk up to you, tell you “I know, it’s gonna be alright.”

But I fear you might doubt me, know I’m one of the crazy ones, that I
might make your safe house seem unsafe.

This energy does not lie and I can’t explain how I feel
yours seeping through my skin, locking lips with mine.

I was searching for the parts of me I lost all around,
so thank you for letting me see through you, I found
something worth more than diamonds.

I found the Truth.
I found Me.
I found You.

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