After The Pain.

What comes after pain ?

What happens after the apologies ?

What do I do with this unhandled energy

All the memories I cannot erase

All the scars that don’t ever fade

All the stories that replay in my head



We go back and forth on how this truly goes

I am weary that you have underestimated my capabilities

Sad that you have gotten tied up in the strings of my heart

But I will play to the satisfaction of my audience

Perform to surpass their wildest expectations

Make you move in ways unforseen

Bend but never break

Stretch but never tear

Strengthen and then weaken

Manipulate to the teeth of your bones

I do not come with threats or warnings this time

I come as a reminder

While you may have shown me what it was like to be happy

I never forgot the beauty of sadness

The power of pain

The sting of regret

And the healing that comes after the mistakes I made

I never forgot how to drown oceans and scream storms

How to burn down to ashes and rebuild walls

Never forgot how to cage the 8 pound organ

Protect what’s mine

Never forgot that happiness wasn’t permanent

And that the battle stance comes right after the victory dance



Revenge is a dish best served cold.


Poet amongst other things

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