my tears are a mix of whiskey and pain

I guess you could get drunk off them

cus i think he did

they talk of addiction to the liquor

But did they also tell you how intoxicating he could be ?

i took him in every night

and I woke up every morning with a headache & regrets

But somehow I never could quit


it didn’t get better

not the sting of regret

not the stench of my mistakes

not the headaches either

so I found a way to with live it

and I took you the poison

and I took me the antidote

day after day after day


I made plans

plans to make plans to quit

and after that

I got around to making plans to quit

but i could never quite get off this that he put me on to


and he got drunk off my tears too

my tears the consequences of my mistakes

the ones I made whenever I took him in

the result of the pain caused when he let me in

and he wouldn’t let me go

I guess he could never quite get off me too


They talk of addiction to drugs and things

But did they also tell you how intoxicating we could be ?

Poet amongst other things

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