Cracked Perfection, Broken Beauty.

Most of us are broken vessels
Some of us are healing
Others still break some more
Some fall apart all together

Some of us survive the crack

I am surviving
But I like myself a little broken
Few nuts and bolts out of place
Some strings snapped
I am a vessel
And I learned that once the vessel cracks
Sometimes light gets in

I used to see just the surface
How could I see deeper
If you weren’t a little broken
And I wasn’t too ?

Are you comfortable with just the surface ?

They always say I’m beautiful
But everything is a little ugly up close
So I didn’t let them get too close
I built a wall of China
And I hid behind it

Everything is a little ugly up close

Cracked perfection
Broken beauty
Cracked beauty
Broken perfection

We can only really see ourselves
Through the light escaping
From the bullet holes life shot in us

The ones you tried to cover up
The ones who’s scars refused to fade
The ones I’ve left to the wind
The ones who’s lessons will remain with me

Something kills us eventually
But before that
We survive everything.
Everything except something

I like myself a little broken
I like you a little broken too.

Poet amongst other things

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