Intimacy for me doesn’t begin when we take off our clothes

And it doesn’t begin with parts of you in me

It begins when we start to share fragile details of our lives

Details of those happy moments that make us vulnerable

and the ones I can’t seem to say out loud for fear of looking weak

The ones you tell me without holding back or thinking twice

The ones that make me look at you and see someone I aspire to be


When our minds spill out their contents like fountains

And it feels like we just untangled our thoughts like thatch from the same basket

Intimacy for me begins when I look at you and I can hear all that your eyes are saying

It begins when you smile and my chest hurts like a fire started in there

And all I can think of is how we managed to land ourselves here


This is intimacy for me,

To say that I am afraid

But to move ahead against all of those feelings and emotions

And still choose to share the broken pieces of my self with you

And give thanks for the way they shine like stars in your hands .

Poet amongst other things

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