Confession (Pt 2)

Contentment; Repressed urges

Realization; Stolen glances

Growth; Scared thoughts

Feelings; Resurfaced

I’m trying not to get stuck in my head

Every single time.



After the depression

I lost my ability to retain information as efficiently as before.

Yes, it does that to you.

My once perfect memory

Turned, I’m sorry what did you say again ?

Repeat that (3x)

Gonna have to think long and hard about having to remember,

So I don’t forget.

It left with a part of me.



Oh, the once gullible fragile girl?

Replaced that with “proof beyond reasonable doubt before I believe a word of what you’re saying” 

And it seemed like a good level up

But now I can’t even convince myself I’m right.

“The world is deceitful, all the evidence is forged”

The other person in my head says

Everything is up for analyzing but I won’t because I’m too tired

All my energy channelled into trying to slow down the unending thought process

Simply no time to waste thinking about things worth thinking about

Cus I spend my time thinking about how I always think about all the things I shouldn’t think about

And I wonder if I’m gonna walk this path forever or it ends somewhere.



I walked out of the dark changed

& there’s a part of my light tinted different

because now that I’ve created a way out ?

There’s always gonna be a way back in.

Poet amongst other things

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