Women Like Us

I bet they didn’t tell you of us.


Women like us

They brought us up right

Be submissive, learn, obey

Be patient, love, pray

Endure, they said

And we did.


Women like us

Were told to stay behind


Lurking in the shadows

And they said we weren’t worth the light.


But women like us

Grew like wildfire

And could not be put out

Rebels they called us

For standing out.


Women like us

Did our fighting


Where the battles were fiercest

And the wars hottest


We came out scarred and bruised

But beautiful as ever

Glowing with the pride of surviving

And not just surviving but living

We were no longer casualties

But slayers and winners


Women like us

Were not necessarily praised for our immense power

Or our unfailing strength

And that was okay

We needed not be acknowledged

To understand our worth.


Women like us

Never had to wear capes

But we were true heroes.



Poet amongst other things

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