All Over Me

I’m carrying around feelings a tad too heavy

And half the time I want to scream at the top of my lungs

Tell the world, that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me

I judge you by all the little beautiful things you do

Which maybe isn’t the best thing

But I do it anyway.


I’m thinking of ways to make you happy the way you make me

Ways to be better as a whole

To be more than enough

Fill your lips, whole mouth

All the way down

Breathe, take me in

I’m thinking of all the ways to fill your lungs too

Fill your mind

Fill you.


I’m suppressing the urge to type “I Love You” in bold italics

I’m not sure if I mean them

I do not know what Love is

Neither do I know what we will amount to

So I avoid making permanent decisions on temporary feelings

And I ignore the urge altogether

Shut off my heart when it speaks too loud

And walk with my head held high.


I sometimes feel like you’re stolen property

Another “too good to be true” love story

So I want to come to some kind of conclusion

But we aren’t done yet.


If you leave though, I know this;

After I’d deposited all my breath in your lungs

That I will go from living to surviving

But I’ll let it be whatever out turns out to be

And when it dies, if it dies

I will burn the body

Sprinkle the ashes all over the ocean I am made of

And walk around with little bits of you

Glittering all over me.






Poet amongst other things

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