I was at my highest pitch
Holding my breath
I was beyond nowhere
This love was a war
And I’d been defeated
Broken, shattered and injured
The pain was more than death
l’d hit the end
The last wall
I cried my lungs out
my heart out
my soul out
At the point where there was no way forward
I knew I had to turn back
I’d reached my lowest point
I was gonna grief for the loss of who I was
and right after I would start over
Back on the road of winners
I’d been an immovable object
and you an unstoppable force
you thought you’d taken the path of least resistance
and you’d gone right around me
letting the wind blow me to nothingness
but that’s not what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object
naturally it wouldn’t be possible
but beyond the ordinary as we were
the unstoppable force would stop
and the immovable object would move
I was coming back.

Poet amongst other things

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